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The Question Box Written Saturday 25th of March 2017 at 12:00am by Erris

Hello Citizens, and welcome to the Question Box.

Star Citizen, as the largest crowd-funded anything ever, is huge. And as it has grown steadily over the years, the lines of communication have blurred.

Those of us there at the beginning all remember those halcyon days of free-flowing information, of regular design docs, etc…

This is not a complaint against CIG. A ballooning development staff, and a massive audience, have made the same kind of conversations as we had at the beginning of the project impossible. That said, we here at Relay believe we can help.

What this page will do is keep track of questions, good ones, that remain unanswered. We call it the Question Box.

We’ve started the box with a seed of a few questions we ourselves have for CIG, you can read them below. But this isn't just about us. This is about everyone. If you have a question, send it to us: [email protected]

We’ll look over your questions, categorize them, and do the research. If we can’t find a recent answer from CIG, they’ll go in the Box.

At the bottom of the Box is the answer portion. It’s where questions we’ve got answers to will go. These can be answers that we ourselves have gotten from CIG, or ones you have. If you get an interview, or go on a tour, or happen across a CIG dev at a Bar Citizen, you can use our list for some well-curated questions, then let us know the answers. We’ll put them on the page, and we’ll credit you.

We hope that this can be a tool for the whole community to help better understand where Star Citizen is, and where it’s going.

That said, welcome to the Question Box.

Question Box

  • What is currently holding back Squadron 42? 
  • What is currently holding back 3.0? 
  • What will be sold for cash post-launch? 
  • What is the minimum # of players per instance you will accept at the launch of Star Citizen? 
  • What is the minimum # of systems you will accept at the launch of Star Citizen? 
  • How will entire planets be filled with interesting, unique content? (i.e. the No Man’s Sky dilemma) 
  • At what point will Concept Ships stop being sold? 
  • How many weapons (ship and personal) will there be at launch of SQ42? Star Citizen?
  • Are there plans for an in-game browser, so pilots can distract themselves on long trips?
  • For long voyages, could you take public transport, log out, and log-in the next day at your destination?
  • Has there been any further discussion about how food / drink will be used in the game?
  • Will there be fishing? 
  • We know that SQ42 is likely to have sequels. Will decisions made in S42 transfer over to those sequels? Will characters opinions of you persist? 
  • If you have a larger ship (Endeavour, Idris, etc...) is there any likelihood of calling down supply drops, for ammo, food, equipment, etc...? 
  • We haven't had a Design Doc in a long while. When is the next one expected, and will the old ones be reviewed anytime soon? 
  • Will there be a traditional MMO style colour-coding of rarity of items? 
  • Are there any plans for the ability to move your character from the companion app? i.e. organize during the day to play with friends, choose a meeting point, everyone uses their app to take public transportation to that location, possibly also to ship a ship there. 
  • Will we be able to import our own music library into the game, or allow the game to access either our own local libraries, or a cloud-based service such as Google / Amazon music? 
  • We know previous technical hurdles at times put the future of the game in doubt, i.e. 64-bit implementation. Are there any of those large technical hurdles left, or has the tech or the game mostly been sorted? 
  • How will alien communication work? We know the alien languages are being created for the game, but how will we interact with aliens who speak them? Subtitles? Babelfish? Can we hire translators?
  • From Omnidon - 'Will Star Citizen still get some sort of PvP Slider? (The feature that allows players to select their PvP preference - a low PvP setting would reduce the likelihood of running into players instead of NPCs and might even replace a player pirate with an NPC pirate using phased instancing when you're attacked)' (Referenced initially in this transmission)
  • From SC_TheBursar - 'Is 'Agent Smithing' into NPCs still a part of the design?'
  • From SC_TheBursar - 'What is the view on 'progression pace' - will people be able to go from Aurora to Polaris in 2 weeks or is the journey the priority and it will take quite some time if the economy is tuned the way they want?'
  • From SC_TheBursar - When should we expect to see a design document on insurance?
  • From SC_TheBursar - When should we expect to see a design document on science/research?
  • From SC_TheBursar - 'Can you elaborate on 'day in the life' target pacing of the game. Can a player log in and do 4 missions in an hour, or will it take 30 minutes just to put a well planned mission together, load up materials, etc. How much will this scale with ship sizes?'
  • What is the plan going forward for Hornet F7A upgrades?
  • From Flynt - `I am curious to know how/if Cig plan to incorporate luxury into "NPC happiness" type stat. Will it have any kind of impact on that NPC? Will you encounter a highly skilled Engineer or gunner that won't be caught dead on an Origin ship because of the perceived snobs that fly such craft for example. Or because they are old they prefer a ship with say a comfy bed because they have a bad back?`

As each of the questions above gets answered, they will be moved below, with the answer and the source. As more questions get added, they will be added to the list above. 

Answer Box



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