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MVP – INNTERVIEW JOSH KBOSH Written Friday 11th of March 2016 at 08:16am by Psylence

We’re back this week to interview Josh Kbosh for his recent MVP. During Around the Verse: Episode 2.20 at approximately 36:16, Josh_Kbosh was announced as the winner of the coveted MVP. Josh Kbosh earned his...

We’re back this week to interview Josh Kbosh for his recent MVP. During Around the Verse: Episode 2.20 at approximately 36:16, Josh_Kbosh was announced as the winner of the coveted MVP.

Josh Kbosh earned his MVP by releasing both a YouTube playlist and an online class, the topic of which is Star Citizen Complete Tutorial. If you are just starting out with Star Citizen and want some videos on the basics, or perhaps just coming back and need a refresher on various aspects of the game, give it a look. The class is easy to access and watch with the only downside being a required registration to gain entrance to the free class. In case you you’re concerned, in my experience it only said ‘Purchase’ until an account was created and I refreshed the page. I wasn’t required to enter any payment information to register for the class or the site.

How long have you been following Star Citizen?

I first found out about Star Citizen last August and fell in love almost immediately. I purchased my game package in September, and have been closely following the game ever since.

What about the game drew you to it?

I’ve always had an interest in science fiction, being a major fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, etc. The idea of living in a space-faring civilization was thrilling to me. I was originally a player of EVE Online, which I did enjoy, but it wasn’t immersive enough for me. I wanted more. I wanted to feel like I was actually there, a member of the society.

I first stumbled upon Star Citizen during my search for a more immersive space sim. After watching the Imagine trailer, I was inspired. It was everything I ever wanted in such a game. The more I looked into it, the more immersed in the Star Citizen universe I became. I read all of the SC short stories, and watched all the trailers. I was hooked.

What most excites you about the level of immersion?

The depth of the universe is mind-blowing. For the very first time, I feel like I could create my own personal storyline and become who ever I want to be. I’ve never felt that way about a video game before. The diversity is really impressive. At the same time Star Citizen is including VR support, and the fact that I could actually step into my character’s shoes really gets me excited. To me, Star Citizen feels like more than just a video game, instead like a whole new hobby.

What is it that you currently do, not in the game?

I work as a webmaster for a few local businesses. I’m not a web designer by any means, although I do a fair amount of coding. I’m planning to go to school for aviation, but for now I’ve been working on my VR rig.

How did you come up with the idea for the video?

I wanted to help new players learn the mechanics and the storyline behind it.

Why did you choose the LFE platform?

LFE has a simple, easy to follow structure that is intuitive to new users. The videos are listed on the side, so users are free to pick and choose what they are interested in, divided into chapters for better organization, and includes the ability to add quizzes.

How long did it take you to go about putting it all together?

It took quite a while to get permission, roughly a couple months for me to get a response from everyone involved (some mediums were not used, so I had to look into alternative options, like Reddit). Some responded immediately, and I had their permission before the next day. Afterwards, I spent a couple weeks choosing and gathering the videos, and putting it all together. It may seem like a lot of time, but it was mostly spread out over time.

What was the most difficult part of the project?

The hardest part would have been narrowing which videos to use, and to make sure that they would actually be helpful to new players. I didn’t want to include anything that was too complicated or technical, but at the same time I didn’t want to it to lack important details either.

My advice to anyone thinking about putting together a tutorial would be to use a YouTube playlist so that the creators of the videos could get the likes and subscribers they deserve, or to include a link to their channel at the very least.

What are you most proud of in relation to your project?

After I posted the course online, I received quite a few messages, both public and private, from people who found the course to be really helpful. That was the greatest moment. Seeing it being featured on ATV was certainly a wonderful feeling as well, I never expected to get any sort of recognition for this project, let alone from the developers.

How did you feel when you were announced as the MVP?

I was really excited when I first saw it. It’s a great feeling when the developers of the game you enjoy so much actually call you out. Not many gaming companies do that. The way CIG connects with its supporters is really wonderful, and part of what makes this community so great.

What is your favorite ship?

I have two favorites right now, The Reliant Tana and the Endeavor. It’s hard to pick between the two. I like the Reliant’s compact form (those in-wing missiles are badass!) and aesthetics, and the Endeavor’s massive size, extreme modularity, and ability to produce narcotics.

If you had one thing you wanted to communicate to the community, what would it be?

The best way to learn the game is to play it. I highly recommend logging time into Arena Commander, as it’s a great way to build up some combat skills and learn how to effectively operate each ship. It’s also worth reading up on the lore for the most immersive experience possible.

There’s a great site someone out together a while ago on lore: StarCitizenLore.Mobi (Epub/Kindle Format Books – Redirects to a Google Doc)

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

If you’re looking to join an organized crime syndicate, consider checking out The Interstellar Cartel. 
Interstellar Cartel propaganda picture and link to the Star Citizen Organization.
We even accept affiliate memberships

Thank you Josh Kbosh for your time. I’m glad I had a chance to sit down and talk with you about your project, and I wish you the best of luck with your Endeavors ahead. We here at The Relay are always appreciative of those who strive to better our community as a whole, and doubly so for you sitting down to talk with us.


Next week I will be interviewing two people at The Relay, CanadianSyrup and Nehkara, for their work on the transcripts that The Relay provides. Will we learn some new tricks of the trade? Perhaps we’ll learn if the Syrup is maple or not! Tune in next time.






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