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March Monthly Report Recap Written Saturday 4th of April 2015 at 12:58pm by AnalogDan

The March Monthly Report came out yesterday, and if you don’t want to sift through it to find the important bits, here they are: March Monthly Report Recap  CIG Santa Monica Engineering 1.1.0 released New...

The March Monthly Report came out yesterday, and if you don’t want to sift through it to find the important bits, here they are:

March Monthly Report Recap

 CIG Santa Monica


  • 1.1.0 released
  • New landing mechanic implemented
  • New ship damage system debuted on Gladius
  • Moving toward physics based damage system   


  • REC, Retaliator, Gladius, Vanguard introduced   
  • Working on rear seat functionality
  • Pirate Swarm game mode in progress
  • “Types of ships, AI skill, and number of ships scale dynamically based off the number of [human] players, their equipment, and their skill/success.”


  • 8 character models being reworked for FPS module
  • Development of new ships, weapons continues
  • Concepts for “larger” ships will be debuted Soon™    
  • Herald, P-52 Merlin, and Xi’an Scout work is ongoing
  • Constellation/Freelancer rewords will debut with multi-crew AC functionality   

CIG Austin

Persistent Universe Team:


  • “Hero” props in the works
  • Things like “hulking radar dishes and solar panels for space stations, holo-object viewing kiosks for our shop locations, and the Medical Display Carousel prop which features prominently in the Medical Unit”
  • Improving FPS props and characters for FPS module
  • Working on different aesthetics for NPCs in different locations
  • Terra = white collar, Frontier = counter culture, etc.
  • Colonialist, Monumentalist, Hennowist, and Streamline  architectural styles are being worked on for various locales
  • Gladiator animations, drunk animations, and “grabby hands” animations being worked on
  • mobiGlas prop receiving some love


  • SXSW video was big focus this month
  • Thruster calculator work for balancing ships is ongoing


  • Progress made on multiplayer hangars, player persistence, universe simulator, and more
  • Network Summit in Austin was a global affair
  • AI editors, asset tools being worked on by “unsung heroes” of Star Citizen
  • Green beer was ingested

Live Operations:


  • Testing 1.1 and FPS
  • “QA has implemented regular comprehensive performance testing to help developers investigate optimization improvements for the game.”

Game Support

  • Game Support team created:
  • Sounds like a team focused on quickly communicating with the community and making sure players are getting the best experience.   


  • Dozens of demo computers prepared for live events
  • Successfully reduced the time it takes to move data from build system to all dev locations

Dev Ops

  • Prototype launcher/patching system is getting attention
  • Working on MP stability in 1.1
  • Lots of developments to things like Build Server, crash handlers, etc.

Foundry 42


  • Multiplayer free flight mode introduced
  • Tutorial system coming with AC release in April  F42 now helping with AI development


  • Prepping for April motion capture shoot
  • Casting is completed with “some very exciting actors now becoming part of Star Citizen”
  • Art Ship team is growing
  • A couple annoying bugs are holding back the tutorial
  • First pass at multi cree lobby design and scoring system


  • WWISE integration reaching final stage
  • This will allow “sonic events”
  • Jump in audio quality should be appreciable
  • Foley session coming up
  • Looking for ideas for ‘Dev Diaries’ from CIG audio


  • Working on ARGO, gun attachments, Starfarer modules, Bengal interior, etc.
  • Tackling “style inconsistencies” in Idris

Ship Team

  • In the process of producing a couple of the biggest ships in the game
  • Capships being built out modularly
  • Currently setting up modular systems and blocking out interior for Starfarer   


  • Weapon pipeline and schedule being completely revised for 2015
  • Revisiting older weapons so they adhere to higher standard that has been set since

VFX Team

  • Gladiator flight effects in-progress (thrusters, weapons, power plants, etc.)
  • Style guides for human ship manufacturers are pretty much nailed down
  • Vanduul style guide is next   
  • R&D for complicated effects like large electrical storms


  • Facial scanning rig in UK being prepped



  • More locations integrated in ArcCorp and Terra
  • Augmented reality shopping is improving
  • Holo-table revamp is ongoing
  • Double monocles were proposed; friendships were ruined in the ensuing debate   
  • More subscriber goodies planned for coming months
  • Engineering
  • Chat implementation is ongoing


  • Work on new section of Nyx has begun.
  • April flair finished, next flair “is going to look really cool in your hangars!”   
  • mobiGlas UI changes depending on the store you’re in
  • Refining AC menu flow



  • Push/pull system work continues
  • Implementation of partial ragdoll system that blends in and out of animations has begun
  • SATA Ball game mode
  • Two new weapons hooked up


  • One of the FPS levels is basically finished
  • Other level is being reworked for more depth and readability


  • Prototyping SATA ball
  • Play-testing weapon feel


  • Standardizing effects across ships and FPS weapons
  • Small laser weapons should be similar in effect to larger scale laser weapons


Electronic Access and the REC System

  • REC system allows testing of future persistent systems
  • REC will be extended to cover FPS module


  • New homepage design is coming up, has entered QA phase


  • Design considerations for things like undiscovered areas


  • Aware of convoluted nature of cross-chassis upgrades
  • “Our current thinking is to allow you to upgrade by either starting with a ship you own or by choosing the ship you want to ugprade to. Both ways should be possible.”   

Moon Collider 


  • Design and implementation of “navigation objects” was a big focus
  • Helps with AI pathfinding
  • Very basic implementation is done
  • Job system to maximize use of parallel processors


  • Local navigation grids getting work; these allow AI pathfinding in a barrel-rolling Connie, for example


  • Working on plans for Gamescom and Citizen Con
  • 800,000 citizens!
  • New RSI Instagram


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