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INNtrospective: Week of August 1st Written Sunday 2nd of August 2015 at 05:17pm by Legorobotdude

No video this time guys, instead check out our Gamescom analysis video! Writeup by Erris: Hello Citizens! Welcome to another week-end summary – The Relaytrospective, week of August the 1st! Lots of news this week...

No video this time guys, instead check out our Gamescom analysis video!

Writeup by Erris:

Hello Citizens! Welcome to another week-end summary – The Relaytrospective, week of August the 1st!

Lots of news this week, mostly in preparation for Gamescom hype, so here we go!


  •  AI programmer has been working on adapting AI to fly larger ships. Flight characteristics for a large ship will be different, not as much YAW and Pitch.
  • This is for multiplayer games, and for when you might take on larger ships in Pirate Swarm.
  • Working on cleaning up netcode and player prediction. It’s been ongoing, but they’ve made good strides this week to reducing lag.
  • Fixing a ton of bugs. Past the point of working on features, they’re in bug-fixing mode. Lots of bugs with gadgets.
  •  Chairs are similar to the Retaliator, but on the Vanguard they slide into place in an interesting way. Happens for both seat.
  • Operator has access to the turret and missile systems, and an advanced sensor suite, which’d give the ship an advantage in an asteroid field.
  • Escape pod is in the center of the ship, it’s a heavily armoured, deep-space escape pod. Can fit up to two people, has a variety of features for survivability. Radar system, hibernation pods, advanced life support, and the ability to ‘spoof’ a kill on many radars.
  • No Around the “Verse next week, as they’ll be on the way to Gamescom.
  • Livestreaming the event. Might be some video filler on the Thursday though.



  • Monthly report will come out the day of GamesCom
  •  Stream next Friday starts at 8PM german time, 11AM pacific, 2PM EST.
  •  WWoSC came out this week, and was awesome, and The Relay are in it at 08:11
  •  Expect to see some Cutlass action real soon. It’s totally modular now.
  •  They are not changing the Cutlass. (Ben reads out the original description for the Cutlass). Idea since the beginning. It’s an interceptor. It cracks open transports, and collects the stuff. Comes from the original Privateer, cause the Galaxy was the best ship for Piracy. Blow up shit, take all their stuff. That’s the goal of it.
  •  [Will we be able to discover marine life?] They’d like to. One of the pods on the Endeavor will be for collecting specimens. Science pods confirmed.
  •  [Attempt to reduce load screens?] Yes. The idea is not to have them at all, and they’re working towards that.
  •  [Carrack vs Endeavour for Science?] Carrack is more the front-line, out there, exploring and categorizing stars and scanning things and bringing things home. Endeavour’s more of a home base. Big floaty research lab that you come home to.
  •  [SATAball included in initial release of Star Marine?] Current plan is to get Gold Horizon first, then follow with SATAball.
  •  [Vanguard escape pod being destroyed?] Super heavily armoured. It’s possible, but don’t be worried about it. Even in its description, it has tech inside to ghost that the whole ship will blow up. They want you to get away if you have to use it. Vanguard will still live up to the whole ‘tough as nails’ thing.
  •  [Height and weight adjustments to characters?] Yes.
  •  Vanguard probably not flyable before end of the year. Solidifying this week what ships to work on after GamesCom.
  •  Should be some information later about what ships to expect by the end of the year soon though.
  •  [Hope variant right away on Endeavor sale?] Probably not. Science pods are being worked on first.
  •  [Crucible?] Yes. There was a review on it this week. Looking good.
  •  Xi’An scout is close, but it’s on the backburner for GamesCom. After GamesCom, UK will be working on it again
  •  MIS vs. Cutlass, depends on who gets the drop on who, and if the Cutlass can avoid the first volley of missiles from the MIS, cause the missiles won’t reload instantly.

10 for the chairman

  •  S42 will have dialogue options like any RPG but will not be constrained to static choices like a conversation wheel in a bioware game.
  • Benefits of synching first and third person animations include removing collision issues and making the animations in general. In the long run this method will make animations much easier to make.
  • The number of players allowed into an instance is still being worked on and up in the air but  the tech they are working on allows multiple servers to work on the same instance so the number of players should be much higher than normal


  • For those wondering what ships will get balanced next, it looks like the Scythe and Avenger are going to be stepping up to the plate.
  • For those looking to turn their Cutlass into a pocket carrier, you’d have to rip the wings off the Merlin to get it to fit in. So it might not fly so well.
  • Auto aim isn’t free. You have to pay a guy named Otto. More seriously though, any ‘auto aim’ will have a direct cost on the size of your gun. Most likely it will cost a full size, in addition to another size for using a gimbal in the first place. Meaning if you have a s4 weapon slot, and want an auto-aim turret, its max size would be reduced to s2.
  • The ‘new’ size system only affects the internal components (engines, coolers, etc…) The new size system, with only four sizes, is only for components, while the weapon size-table has actually gained a size, and currently ranges from s1 – s12.
  • From Matt Sherman, the target TTK is around 60-90s for an average engagement of comparable size / class ships. With ace pilots, the goal is closer to 3-5 minutes. Right now, CIG are seeing 2-3 minutes on average, which isn’t too far from their goal. There’s lots of work needed still, but it’s getting there.
  • The ‘Hot Topic’ on the forums right now is the removal of drop-in co-op from the SQ42 storyline. Here, Matt Sherman explains that it’s something they took out to give a better, more meaningful story. Essentially, drop in/out co-op can be very prohibitive for a story.



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