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INNtrospective – September 13 – 19 Written Saturday 19th of September 2015 at 01:47pm by Erris

Hello Citizens! Welcome to this week’s The Relaytrospective, where we do a quick recap of the main news stories from the week! Reverse the ‘Verse They’re in the early stages of getting ready to fill...

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to this week’s The Relaytrospective, where we do a quick recap of the main news stories from the week!

Reverse the ‘Verse

  • They’re in the early stages of getting ready to fill the ‘create a pirate’ perk soon.
  • Announcement! Next Saturday – the 26th – they will be hosting a 25th anniversary livestream for the Wing Commander game. They’ll be doing a ‘lets play’. Ben will be at the controls. Watch that next Saturday, starting at noon CIG time.
  • Announcement! – Next week, on Wednesday, at 11am, there’s a special edition RtV – subscriber only questions, Chris Roberts will join for the broadcast.
  • They’re looking to do ‘special’ RtV’s for subscribers every month. They won’t limit the existing RtV, it’ll just be a special one once a month.
  • There have been discussions about giving something special to everyone who’s backed before 1 million Citizens.
  • [Ships status thread update?] It’s due for one anytime. James will chase that down next week.
  • [Reason to hype over the next 2 weeks?] Ben can’t. He hates over-promising. They’re working on the Endeavour, hopefully in a week or two, no guarantees. Citizen Con is going to be fantastic, get hyped for that. Working on 1.2.1 patch. Maybe PTU end of next week, no guarantee.
  • FPS report later today. The report will go out later, like it has every Friday.
  • FPS report will be minor probably. Folks all over are working on the after-shock of the merge, which is taking a bit longer than they’d hoped. They’ll put together a segment on AtV so that we can see what that means.
  • [Next flyable ship?] Looking at multicrew stuff coming in next. Connie, Tali, possibly a Cutlass update. The Herald’ll be the next single-seater. Connie and Tali probably next though. But can’t say when or why or how or to what degree.
  • [AC expand to additional training mechanics like mining and ewar?] There’s some confusion about this. AC will continue, and multicrew will get added as time goes on (AC 2.0), but they’re creating what Chris referred to as the baby PU. Tony is calling it the Exoverse. Big chunk of space to prototype stuff in. That’s what we’ll see in the multicrew launch.
  • Big map, persistent, that’s where stuff’ll get added. Mining’ll get added in there, etc… to not interrupt Arena Commander, which is a specific game inside Star Citizen.
  • [Pirate Swarm?] Still in the works. They sat down with people who did the fan-based one.
  • [Plans to re-release the original patches as physical items?] Yes. They’re doing a patch set. They’ll have some stuff for Cit Con. SQ42 patch, Star Citizen, and RSI, and a special one for Subscribers. The ICC Stellar Surveyors patch.
  • [Damage states for older ships like Aurora?] There are other priorities before the end of the year, but it’s being discussed about when it’ll get fit into the schedule. Probably first half of next year, and it could change.

DevChat Sep. 14 – 17

  • Star Citizen uses meters for measurement, because really, shouldn’t everything?
  • The first batch of new component sizes will roll out to Power Plants, Coolers, and Shield Generators.
  • Again, the current spec-page is inaccurate for a lot of things, including the Retaliator’s shields.
  • You will be able to blow up another players ship via hacking, trigger its self-destruct. But you’ll ‘have to risk your own ass to do so’. The game will give preference to the defence.
  • Another reminder – everything will change once Physically Based Damage gets integrated into the game.

Around the ‘Verse

  • Working on big milestones such as FPS and the Multicrew Milestone, more info on those as it becomes available.
  • Bringing the Herald out of graybox, and getting it flyable.
  • Elwin is working on the Reliant as well, to get it flyable
  • Lots of work on the Constellation, to get it done very soon.
  • Working on respawn functionality. There may or may not be opportunities to die in the next social module release, so they’re working on ways to respawn people once that happens. Putting spawn points in the medical unit.
  • Star Marine status update will be live tomorrow. As we saw last week, the code merge was a success, and lots of progress was made.

DevChat Sep. 2-13

  • All of the Vanguards have an escape-pod.
  • The Vanguard’s escape pods do have thrusters.
  • Gun talk! Also, Ammo will be getting an overhaul for the new damage system.
  • Procedural Generation can be nice, but it can also be bland if not done correctly. It tends to work better when it’s controlled, and creating encounters, rather than environments.
  • EWAR hacking will take time. You’ll have to spike the target (in a dogfight, likely), and then hack it.
  • The bigger a ship you fly, the more crew / NPC’s you’ll need. Under-crewed ships will not be as effective as fully crewed ships.
  • Hull’s will not really be usable as pocket carriers.
  • Allowing people to mod and make their own ships will happen eventually, but it will be much more complicated than most people expect. Even skins for ships will be difficult to make.
  • SC will not be Free to Play, it will be Buy to Play.
  • Hacking gameplay is still a Work in Progress, but it sounds like different components of ships will be able to be hacked.
  • The only way to ‘self-destruct’ an enemy ship will be to board it. You won’t be able to hack it from outside to blow.



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