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INNTROSPECTIVE – NEWS RECAP JUNE 7 – JUNE 13 Written Sunday 14th of June 2015 at 03:53pm by Legorobotdude

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude:   Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Erris: 10 for the Designers   Designers are trying to make sure that the new physically based damage system will take the angle...

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude:


Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Erris:

10 for the Designers


  • Designers are trying to make sure that the new physically based damage system will take the angle of impact into account.
  • There will be highly-specialized mounts for guns, think mounts with shields on them, mounts with AI, mounts with extra coolers, etc…
  • The small-ship flight model is more or less where they want it, but large ships will control completely differently.
  • Ships will be affected by cargo – if you fill up a starfarer with fuel, it will control differently than it would when empty.


Monthly Report


  • Physically based damage system continuing to make progress.
  • Ballistic and energy weapons will have unique benefits.
  • Ship and Shield health, Powerplant output, Cooling rates will all receive similar updates.
  • Optimization for HUD and UI. Holographic elements can be rendered more efficiently.
  • New helmet interiors have been designed for all FPS characters.
  • New damage system is more efficient and should allow larger scale gameplay due to fewer draw calls.
  • Also sets the stage for debris salvage and ship repair.
  • You can now shoot off and claim a gun from a ship, for example.
  • Radar 2.0 is done. Anything can be made to show up on the radar given the situation, including things like grenades.New signature type: decibels. Includes footsteps, weapons fire, and other audio sources.
  • Item system for attaching items to the player character (like tactical flashlights) is making progress.
  • Doing R&D on Hair and Swappable Clothing ahead of Social Module.
  • Occupations being worked on: Pioneer/Explorer, Mercenary/Escort, Bounty Hunter, and Smuggler.
  • First draft of the new Universe Simulator (formerly the Economic Simulator) is finished.
  • Now includes more than just economy: “ability to create elementals and composites, the ability to create a planet within a solar system and assign it data, and the ability to create occupations for NPC’s and specify execution logic for each occupation.”
  • Generic Instance Manager has been completed. This will improve matchmaking and party. Should be in the upcoming FPS release.
  • Universe Simulator proof-of-concept has been delivered.
  • First iteration of Solar System Server is being developed.
  • Prototype for Mining occupation is finished.
  • Conversation system is making progress, including multiplayer implementation.
  • Looting system has been revamped using an item port system
  • There are 2 forms of collectibles, items that can be physically looted, and information items that can be scanned.
  • Vanduul fleet is concepted, with just turrets and guns to be worked on.
  • Idris is coming along nicely and might have a few surprises!
  • Wwise transition hasn’t been as smooth as expected.
  • Moving codebase to 64 bit.
  • Progress on zone systems and ship-local physics grids.
  • New systems are being tested with Retaliator.
  • Started R&D on procedural generation.
  • There are unique animations for each speed, direction, state, and possible change. Lots of work!
  • Polishing weapons and creating a unified rail system for attachments.
  • Completed prototype rework of Star Citizen Launcher.
  • Based on BitTorrent technology.
  • More efficient in size and speed, and first step towards a web-driven launcher.


Around the ‘Verse


  • This is the first anniversary of Around the ‘Verse. Thanks go out to the community, not only to subscribers for funding AtV, but to everyone for providing feedback, on the forums, on Reddit, everywhere.
  • No release date for FPS yet
  • Work on shared vehicle parameters and GOST, both of which improve loading speeds for AC.
  • Lots of ships going through the pipeline for damage states
  • New lighting artist starting this week, Emery Switzer, will tackle shop locations and do a beauty pass on Arc Corp (Came from Reddit)
  • Ship Shape talked about making a Vanduul ship flyable by humans – the changes that need to be made.


Controller Balance Round-Table


  • The Relay did a controller balance round-table with some of the top AC flyers, to augment the one that CIG did several weeks ago.


Star Citizen Survey


  • The Star Citizen Survey is currently running, organized by Nehkara. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so!


Reverse the ‘Verse

  •  Broad FPS status:  Still working on it, still some blockers.  Not tonight (don’t do patches Fridays anymore).


  • There is no controller balance update yet. The game has to come first, then they will balance it.
  • Its not a chicken or egg situation, game needs to come first
  • They are getting everything they ever wanted for a Star Citizen HOTAS and it’s getting there… still in legal.
  • Ship sales – when, where and what. No sale this week. When there’s a concept sale, it’ll be announced a week in advance. There’s cool stuff in the pipeline, but nothing yet.
  • Taking their time with new concept sales… want to demonstrate they can deliver ships too.
  • [What percentage of overall resources are currently working towards SQ42?] A lot, but not all. Probably between Santa Monica and the UK, over half, but dedicated people are working on other stuff. Austin isn’t working on SQ42 at all. Artists in Santa monica are working on SQ42, but not programmers or designers. And things like FPS, it’s its own thing, but it is used for SQ42 so… yeah.
  • Lots of people are annoyed that CIG aren’t releasing a lot of information about SQ42, and they’re trying to hold onto it. Open development doesn’t mean they’ll show us everything they do as they do it, it means they’ll tell us what they’re doing. We won’t see everything they’re doing for SQ42, they want there to be surprises. It’s not going to change. They’re being honest saying that, lots of our resources are working on SQ42, but they want it to be a surprise when you open up SQ42. They don’t want it to be like, open game, oh, I’ve seen all of these ships already.
  • No new updates on the Caterpillar


  • Not comfortable doing big sale things when FPS still isn’t out.


  •  A concept artist is working actively on the Crucible. No ETA’s, but it’s being worked on.


  • [Are there additional payment options coming?] Yes. They’re working on it, getting close to a final thing with a new thing that should open up a few more payment options
  • The Endeavour concept is still being worked on. It’s being worked on by Jim Martin now. Should expect to see it soon?
  • The Avenger – no-one’s working on it right now.
  • Fighting outside the space station in FPS?  Not on initial release.  Perhaps later.
  • Vision for AC 3.0 is getting FPS and space combat together at last. Could be outside the space station.
  • Plan on having 64 player maps? Yes, at some point they’ll have to because they want a high player count. On initial launch, the largest will be 32 players.
  • No bullet penetration on first release, subsequent releases will have bullet penetration
  • Closest FPS to Star Marine is original counterstrike. Sort of, but not really.
  • What’s holding back FPS? Changes to networking back-end to get to 32 player count on FPS, which will improve the ability to have multiple ships. THey’ll get more ships out of the work they’re doing for more FPS players.
  • Start/stop and Juke is a work in progress.  Engineering changes have been wrapped.  Hooking up motion capture assets.  It feels responsive and quick but with weight.  When you look at another player it has good fluidity like Assassin’s Creed.
  • How will FPS latency be vs current latency? A lot of the stuttering and rubber banding is caused by the number of attachments on ships, but the network changes will help that too
  • Training gallery? They will possibly add a ‘free fight’ mode, a single-player and multiplayer free fight to go into a server with no rules and just shoot.
  • 64-bit update has been integrated into Game Dev stream.  Not in FPS but will be in future releases.
  • initially, there will be limb damage and characters and animations will react to that, for walking speed and aiming ability and such, but it will be fleshed out more after launch
  • Anyone working on Herald? It’s for SQ42, but it’s not being worked on right now, artists have been pulled to work on the Bengal.
  • Slated to be worked on soon.
  • There will be leaderboards for FPS
  • Can shoot in hands, upper arms, chest, upper leg, lower leg, abdomen, more?
  • AI for Horde mode is being worked on
  • How many man hours required to get Bengal out? They’re not sure yet, and they’re trying to come up with something that’ll be accurate. Huge ship, they’re approaching some things differently. THey have one or two folks on R&D figuring out how to approach certain problems. Estimate would be thousands of man hours.
  • all damage will be localized to the parts of your body that hit first. If you fall, your legs will take damage.
  • Netcode barrier is still hitting a hard cap. they’re going to increase the structure and the data set side of RMI’s which are guaranteed send and receives, they’re going to move that to serialization so there’s a smaller bit size.
  • Size for the FPS patch should only be slightly larger than the current AC patch. Lots has been culled. The leak helped motivate them to do a better job of exclusions for what gets excluded from patches.
  • Medical gameplay for FPS – on initial release, you’re pointing a healing spray at a patient. Long term, it’ll be more complicated. Read the comm-link for how it will work.
  • Will we see game modes like CTF that use vehicles and people? Yes. that’s AC 3.0. They’ve talked about Capture the Idris and such. Objective retrieval gameplay, other ideas like having ‘space mcguffins’, resources that are arrayed in ways either team could capture them, probably use cargo as that mcguffin. Use that as a prototype for the cargo system. AC is supposed to be fun, supposed to be a game, but as they start introducing elements that are more for the PU, they’ll phase them in to AC.





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