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INNtrospective – News Recap JUNE 21 – JUNE 27 Written Sunday 28th of June 2015 at 02:56pm by Nehkara

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude:   Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Nehkara: Around the ‘Verse – Three weeks left in the shooting for SQ42, and it’s looking amazing. – Producers from the UK and...

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude:


Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Nehkara:

Around the ‘Verse

– Three weeks left in the shooting for SQ42, and it’s looking amazing.

– Producers from the UK and Austin are meeting in Santa Monica, working on streamlining a lot of planning stuff. Getting responsibilities planned out, figuring out how they’ll proceed for the rest of the year.

– Continuing work on the jukes system. All the starts and stops are in, so when you’re running and stopping, it plays a weighted animation. Work now is going on jukes, which is when you’re shifting direction.

– All those juke animations are going in today, hopefully in by the end of the day, and that should be all the pieces they need for that system, and from then on just polishing and tweaking it.

– Working on wrapping up the shader and texture phase of the Nyx/Delemar/Levski zone. Behaviour are doing a fantastic job, as usual.

– Idris is looking awesome, working on the exterior; panel lines, doodads, widgets. Working on getting interiors textured, lit, etc… It will look amazing and is a good test case.

– Retaliator is being made flight – ready

– Mining Bot – One of the original vehicles, it’s gone into production, it’s getting more concept art done to solidify its heavy-duty feel

– Three versions of the Genesis Starliner:  Mixed Use, Luxury, and Troop Transport.  Mixed Use is the one that will go up for concept sale.

– Starliner has a main gun on top which is a manned turret and retracts into the body of the ship.

– Starliner is a big ship, three decks.  Main deck is mostly for passengers, top deck is mostly for luxury or functional spaces, and bottom deck has sleeping quarters and cargo/luggage.

– Cargo area of the Starliner can accommodate small vehicles.

– Meridian Transit explanation: [The postcards they have been showing for the past few weeks on AtV]: For the starliner, we wanted to show off not just cool pictures of the ship, but we wanted to show more, so we created Meridian Transit, which is a futuristic space airline, and we created some of the ads for their different destinations. You’ll be reading a bit more about Meridian in an interactive fiction experience the folks at Turbulent have put together for the sale tomorrow. They also let us have a little bit of free reign and some extra material for this sale, so you’ll see some more esoteric images, some what does a flight attendant look like, what’s the interior cabin for first class look like, we’ll have more to share tomorrow!


Reverse the ‘Verse

– Starliner sale will be later in the evening CIG time, getting the last set of assets right now which are the last set of the beauty renders.

– Lots of background including Tony Zurovec’s design for passenger transport.

– There are mousepads in the store!  They found some extras in the warehouse… including some other random merchandise as well.

– Star Citizen travel mugs available next week for $19 including shipping.

– Star Citizen HOTAS announcement hopefully coming at GamesCom.

– Merlin will be one of the next ships flyable in AC, along with the Scythe, which is why they are showing off the HUD

– Gone from 12 guys to 120 at Foundry 42 in 18 months or so.

– Roughly 500 people working on Star Citizen including outsourcers, 300 internally.

– Ben and a few others will be on a panel on Sunday at Comic Con.

– Character creation will be in place for Squadron 42 – no customization on clothing because you’re in the military.

– Confirmation that SQ42 will have VR support like the rest of Star Citizen.

– Foundry 42 working on large world maps – test maps take 2 hours to cross, working on getting Quantum drive working so you can move faster across them.  Maps can be any size.  They hope to show the large world maps at GamesCom.

– Squadron 42 itself will be singleplayer only and can be played completely offline.  They plan to introduce large multiplayer co-op scenarios shortly after SQ42 releases that use settings from Squadron 42.

– Austin is currently in the process of fully completing the Stanton system.  It will be their gold standard.  They are completely creating everything for the system, they want to see how long it takes them to give them an idea how long it will take to fully create other systems.  Hope to show off the Stanton work soon.

– Working on create new control interactions with the HUD – currently very cumbersome and needs to be better.

– Netcode fixes for FPS will help Arena Commander as well – increase number of players.

– Major blockers for FPS:  Locomotion animations and networking.

– Chris Roberts has a letter that is currently being crafted in regards to the networking woes.

– Travis and Chelsea Day are leaving CIG.  Travis Day has been offered his dream job working at Blizzard Entertainment.  He will miss us and he will be greatly missed.

– Alyssa from CIG describes the Starliner as the most ambitious marketing anything they have ever attempted and asks everyone to take a look after it’s up.



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