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INNtrospective – News Recap JUNE 14 – JUNE 20 Written Sunday 21st of June 2015 at 03:25pm by Legorobotdude

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude: Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Erris: 10 for the Artists Boy, is there customization in the PU, because we have spent the last 3 months concentrating on making sure...

Weekly The Relaytrospective video by Legorobotdude:

Weekly The Relaytrospective writeup by Erris:

10 for the Artists

  • Boy, is there customization in the PU, because we have spent the last 3 months concentrating on making sure that the characters have a good amount of customization for the PU. And you will absolutely be able to change your helmet, get new helmets, and I don’t know what the limitations are on alien races and stuff, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that that’s going to be a big aspect of the game.

E3 Video Analysis

Around the ‘Verse

  • Still no date on Star Marine.
  • CitizenCon 2015 tickets went on sale, and already sold out. Events will be awesome, event will be October 10th in Manchester (The Relay will be there). The con will be shared with everyone else via livestream.
  • Preparing for Alpha 1.2.0 release of SC. Preparations of that include a full balance pass on all the weapons, all the items, all the missiles. All the feedback they’ve collected, there will be a full top to bottom rebalance pass.
  • Network optimization. Recently, with the item port system, there have been problems. Anything over 8 players was causing a lot of problems with players switching weapons and lagging out. Wormbyte helped out doing some profiling, found a cap in the default CryEngine network code that was throwing out packets once they were hitting the limit. After getting rid of that cap, they’ve been able to have some successful tests with more people online.
  • Aiming down the sight on weapon – first and third person shared animations. One of the things that had to be done when fine tuning how all the guns aim down the sites, since everything is animation based, first they pulled out those animations and had them in just numbers, so designers could tweak how fast the gun comes up, how much recoil is on the gun, etc…
  • They’re working on Shubin, which is huge. 6 km long mining station, and you can fly down to meter scale FPS areas, lots of landing pads on Shubin, more than 9, around 20? There’s the FPS level detail when you go down to the landing pads. There are vast areas on the interior as well, all seamless with no loading.
  • We find out that the Scythe has 353,000 polygons.
  • Ship Shape gave an overview of the Anvil manufacturer.

Reverse the ‘Verse

  • [Progress on netcode stuff?] SO many people are working on getting FPS ready. The entirety of the Frankfurt office is working on that right now.
  • Regarding other game modes for AC – They want to expand it in the future, but for right now they need to get better balance, multicrew, etc… before they get a hard-core variant mode, or a mining or gas-work or competitive mode up first. Trying to do a finely balanced competitive mode right now when things can change drastically and they don’t even have multicrew is… silly.
  • [Was the facial animation in the e3 trailer what we can expect in the PU?] Yes. That’s older stuff too, months and months old. What they’re doing now is even better.
  • News from Ben – Concept sale next Friday – the Genesis starliner. Doing lots of cool design work on it, why ferrying passengers around will be interesting. Price later today, locking it down now.
  • You will hear more about Social module after FPS ships
  • there’s a company-wide FPS review going on right now, expect to hear more soon.
  • F8 will be obtainable in the PU, though it’ll be extremely rare. They’ll revisit it later this year, though there’ll be a teaser of it in the sale next week. The F8 is something you’ll see mostly in SQ42, but there may come to a time when they do produce a civilian version.
  • CIG will not be selling the F8. They’ll think of it in the future as the Universe evolves, but right now, it’s a SQ42 pure military ship.
  • The Starliner’s a ship that’ll be cool for players to have, it’ll be like the Orion, in that it’s a big piece of gameplay, but a lot of it will be background noise of the Universe. Wing Commander 1-4, they focused on building the military ships you played with, but now they’re building the Universe. So, what’s the most common airplane you ship? It’s a boeing 747 or something. So they’re building out the sinews and muscles of the Universe, to show how deep the gameplay will go. It may be in the background of SQ42, if they get it done in time.
  • Starliner will be 400$, have a 40 person capacity

Vanduul Scythe Q&A

  • In order to capture a ‘native’ Scythe, you would need to knock down the shields, carefully disable a significant portion of the main and maneuvering thrusters and then either kill or incapacitate the pilot. We intend this to be a significant challenge for all but the best fighter pilots!


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