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INNtrospective week of July 26th Written Sunday 26th of July 2015 at 07:30am by Legorobotdude

Hello Citizens! Check out this week’s The Relaytrospective, with video by Legorobotdude, and writeup by Erris! Video by Legorobotdude Writeup by Erris LOTS of content coming on today’s The Relaytrospective: FPS update Game Commander (Video...

Hello Citizens!

Check out this week’s The Relaytrospective, with video by Legorobotdude, and writeup by Erris!

Video by Legorobotdude

Writeup by Erris

LOTS of content coming on today’s The Relaytrospective:

  • FPS update
  • Game Commander (Video about the work CR does)
  • Multicrew working fairly fluidly right now. Local and Global physics grids, large world, and zone system functioning.
  • 1.1.5 live
  • Tons of changes. Merlin and Scythe playable.
  • Merlin sale
  • Article about Wwise
  • Audio update
  • Wwise integration is complete. Much more robust, easier to use, and gives the sound designers more independence from the audio programmers. Will allow them to create amazing sound for the game. Quantum Drive sounds in there too!

Dev Chat

The flight model in 1.1.5 PTU is not a new flight model, just a new pass at the numbers that drive the flight model.

Matt is working on Component updates, mapping out exactly what ships will get what, seeing exactly what is needed to get a first version of the components system out the door.

A Workbench would be done after the initial rollout of components, but it’s something they want to get online as soon after the update as possible.

A big part of the update is making sure all the components / weapons are in a place to actually open them up, and having them use a cohesive system instead of abstract numbers.

Procedural generation will start initially as procedurally generated encounters and asteroid fields. Full-out procedural map generation is something that is a long ways out, as there are plenty of other systems that still need to be built out first. Realistically, the people working on procedural systems are not working just on those systems. They’re part of the general gameplay/engineering teams that help build the whole game as well.

From Alyssa, it sounds like there’s a lot of planning going into Gamescom this year. There will be a livestream, and with a 100mb connection, it should be a pretty stable one. It also sounds like they have a whole planned script, and multiple fall-back plans, for if anything goes wrong. Also, it seems like Disco is running the Gamescom livestream, and that there will be a large post on the RSI site with lots of info about Gamescom soon.

Turns out, the Phoenix is a very rare ship. 0.8% of the community have one, and it will likely have its own missions in the PU.
Some interesting information from Will Leverett, that with Launcher 2.0, there are no more ‘patches’, they new launcher will just re-check what files are missing or have changed, and just download those.

Reverse the ‘Verse 56

News on the new CCU system? – Ships will still need to be flyable to CCU, system is coming soon-ish. Ben sent an email yesterday asking where it is. Guys at Turbulent are crazy busy.

Endeavor – Same chassis for hospital and science. The hospital variant is the Hope class. They’re building modules – hospital room, op room, ambulance bay, medical storage area, etc… be able to pick and choose which you want. Same things for Endeavor. You have the freedom to make a ship that has telescopes and med beds.

Plans for REC items for FPS – not locked down yet. System allows them to do REC items for FPS, but none in the system yet. Traditional unlocks at the start at least, probably. Lots of discussions about it. Currently exploring options

New launcher is not quite ready for prime-time, probably will show up in 1.1.6. It’s not very good at deleting files for example – currently just adds and adds and adds files.

Ship skin system – being played with upstairs. It’s coming. It comes once everything gets converted over to the new damage system. The new damage system has to come first, the skin system goes on top of that.

Gamescom event will be the biggest event in some respects. Gamescom is the biggest event. Twice the size of CitCon. They’re doing their best to make it excellent. lots of work going into it. Lots of cool giveaways and such.

Objects in the new ‘big’ map? – There’s a gas giant bigger than Jupiter in the large world map (DL originally said Pluto, everyone’s laughing now). DL ‘ if I could tell you what I was up all night doing… ‘

Several people in the office have switched to Windows 10, and they haven’t had issues with SC.

Physics based damage system is the new damage system. It’s in, it’s on the Merlin, on the Connie remake, the Retaliator, the Freelancer, etc… it’s in the game, just a matter of converting the ships over to the new system.

Vanguard is coming along. Gurmukh is the concept artist for the Vanguard, he’s here now.

Interior for the base model is complete, looking good. Some artwork in last month’s Jump Point.

Full interior is now complete, Chris OK’d it. We’ll be seeing it soon.

Merlin is 20$.

Hoping for the new game launcher in patch 1.1.6

The new GIM is in 1.1.5 though, should fix some problems, cause others.

General Instance Manager means Battle Royal and Squadron Battle are now up to 16 players. Capture the Core and Racing are currently limited, but they’re working on getting them up to 16 players soon.

Ben hopes the Connie refit will be in AC 2.0. First fully functional multicrew ship is the Tali. Connie is second. It’s theoretically possible they’ll get to a point when AC2.0 is ready, and only the Tali is ready, but 2.0 will probably launch with the Connie and the Tali.

Caterpillar will not be in 2.0 at launch, but they will continue adding ships, just like they did with AC 1.0

CIG cannot talk about the new HOTAS (then they giggled a bit). Hope is we’ll hear more at Gamescom, but… we’ll see. ‘Things are happening, and there’s a very high chance you’ll see something at Gamescom’

Every Retaliator has a front and a rear bay. The idea is the you can take out one or the other, put in cargo quarters, living quarters, drop bays, etc… Planning to show off the first 5 of those modules soon, that make up 3 variants – cargo variant, living variant, drop ship variant.

They’re going back to having a streamer come up right after RtV (stay tuned to the August 14th show, when The Relay will be streaming after RtV!)

Around the ‘Verse

Ghost sight won the ‘which sight should make it in’ poll, expect to be using it soon.

More animation polishing. Features and tweaks and animations are done at this point, for the start-stop-juke system. Steve Bender has been making sure everything looks good and polished.

Clothing coming from concepts will be findable in Kasaba outlets, where you can purchase clothing.

‘We wear clothing in the future’.

Lots of looks at the new Connie (gifs on AtV notes on The Relay)


And that’s it for this week! Check back every week for more The Relaytrospective news!


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