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INN’s CitizenCon Plans! Written Monday 5th of October 2015 at 09:18am by Erris

Hello Citizens! In a few days, CitizenCon is happening, and Mr. White and I will be there! Here are (some of) our plans! As you may know, The Relay has been running an Indiegogo campaign...

Hello Citizens!

In a few days, CitizenCon is happening, and Mr. White and I will be there! Here are (some of) our plans!

As you may know, The Relay has been running an Indiegogo campaign for a few weeks in preparation for the trip. Check it out here!

Before I go any further, I want to say again how floored I am by the support that you’ve all given to the campaign. Thank you to everyone who looked at it, shared it, donated, everything. Thank you all. You make it easier for us to keep doing what we’re doing. Moving on.

The campaign so far has helped cover our airfare to England, allowed us to purchase a GoPro and a shotgun mic for high-quality video and audio recording while we’re there, and has also allowed us to pick up two different internet connection methods. We will be picking up a SIM card with 6 gigs of data, for general use, as well as access to BT-Wifi, a UK-wide network of wifi hotspots that we can connect to with unlimited bandwidth.

On Thursday evening, Mr. White and I will leave Canada, and fly to England. Saturday morning will be spent setting up our equipment. Currently to cover the convention, we have two laptops, the GoPro, multiple mics, an audio recording setup, as well as two phones, and a tablet. We’ll have to figure out how to carry those, as well as all the other things we’ll be bringing.

Because yes, we will be bringing other things. If you can find us at the convention, come say hi! We may have stickers, coasters, t-shirts… who knows! (We’ll have a limited number of stickers, coasters, and t-shirts)

(To find us, look for the guy with a beard and a bowtie / suit (me) and for the taller guy in an The Relay t-shirt and a white The Relay baseball cap, loaded down with swag and recording equipment (Mr. White)

At the convention, if you’re looking for us, Mr. White will have a white The Relay baseball cap on (as well as a whole load of equipment). I myself will be in a suit and bow-tie, because why not. So that’s how you can find us. (I will also have my cellphone with me, and will be able to check e-mails, so if you want to get in touch with us before or during CitizenCon, send an email to [email protected])

Before CitizenCon, we will go through any queue outside, and interview any fans that want interviews. We will likely do the same during CitizenCon, before and after the presentation.

The next day, Sunday, at noon local time, we will be having an The Relay meetup, at a pub called Waxy O’Connors. – http://www.waxyoconnors.co.uk/index.php/wxm-find-us

If you want to come hang out with The Relay, this is probably the best time to do so! If you plan on coming and joining us, send an email to [email protected], so I can get an idea of the number of people that might join. We’ll hang out, drink, eat, talk about Star Citizen, you know. The important things in life.

The rest of the week is currently up in the air. Mr. White and I will be in the UK till Thursday the 15th. On the Monday, we hope to take a tour of the Manchester offices. On Monday through Wednesday, we hope to get some interviews with CIG Devs. We’re in touch with CIG for just that, but we likely won’t know who is available till closer to CitizenCon.

What we can promise is, whatever we do, we will cover it in full on The Relay. We will provide the best coverage we possibly can, any time when the CIG Cameras are off.


Executive Producer,

The Relay



Erris is Canadian. He does some random things for Relay, no-one really knows what, but still they're stuck with him. He’s also written one Young Adult novel that he can’t stand, which can be found here.

You can find him on Twitter too, if you want.