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Image and Wallpaper Showcase Written Friday 20th of January 2017 at 11:55am by Nehkara

Hello Citizens!  Today I'm highlighting some great images and wallpapers I've run across in the Star Citizen community over the past few months.

This is a gorgeous winter wallpaper of one of my favourite ships, the Carrack, done by Ungineer:

Wallpaper by Ungineer Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums

Next up we have a lovely view looking up at a passing Polaris at night by Foy AKA OHDFoxy:

Wallpaper by Foy aka OHDFoxy. Beware, full version of image is very large (5K, 19 mb). Source: OHDFoxy @ DeviantArt

Here we have an astonishingly gorgeous, if haunting, wallpaper of the Gladius, by GarfieldICHI:

Wallpaper by GarfieldICHI. Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums

Following the Gladius we have a pair of wallpapers by SpoofGhost!  The first really caught my interest because of the intricate details.  The second fueled my imagination and made me eager to race through planetary terrain.

Wallpaper by [ACESHI]SpoofGhost. Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums
Wallpaper by [ACESHI]SpoofGhost Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums

This next one is by icemaneli186, featuring a beautiful environment and a crashed Buccaneer: 

Wallpaper by icemaneli186. Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums

STARMEDIC is famous for creating gorgeous Star Citizen wallpapers for years.  Here are two great entries from him, the first featuring the Reclaimer and a crashed Polaris, and the second featuring a scene from the Big Guns of the UEE trailer that STARMEDIC recreated for a wallpaper:

Wallpaper by STARMEDIC. Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums
Wallpaper by STARMEDIC. Source: Wallpapers Central @ RSI Forums

The next contestant in our parade of stunning wallpapers is a piece done by Martin Vlas:

Wallpaper by Martin Vlas. Source: Martin Vlas @ ArtStation

Last entry for wallpapers is an incredible piece by Tom607.  This one is titled "The Fall of UEES Olympus":

Wallpaper by Tom607. Source: The Fall of UEES Olympus - Reddit Thread

The big development on fan content of late has been the introduction of "Director Mode" into Star Citizen, vastly improving the tools that players have to create gorgeous screenshots.  Below are some great examples:

Screenshot by Recon_NL Source: Album of Screenshots by Recon_NL
Screenshot by Berdu Source: Album of Screenshots by Berdu
Screenshot by mr.hasgaha Source: mr.hasgaha's Flickr Photostream

Of course the last image above is from the legendary mr.hasgaha, as is the featured image at the top of this article.  If you haven't visited his Flickr to check out his incredible collection of Star Citizen screenshots, please do immediately:

mr.hasgaha on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed this highlight of incredible fan artwork and screenshots, let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see features like this in the future!



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