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February Monthly Report Recap Written Thursday 12th of March 2015 at 01:21pm by AnalogDan

Too busy to read all 7,500 words of the Monthly Report? Don’t worry, we picked out the best parts! February Monthly Report Recap  CIG Santa Monica    Engineering  February focus is on bugs New item...

Too busy to read all 7,500 words of the Monthly Report? Don’t worry, we picked out the best parts!

February Monthly Report Recap 

CIG Santa Monica   


  • February focus is on bugs
  • New item port system is complete
  • Deadly tactical light bug fixed
  • Impacts on ship now create curved edges around impact location


  • Addressing ship setup bugs
  • Ship pipeline is operating at full capacity
  • Numerous new ship ideas being slotted into pipeline
  • Several new ships in concept
  • Worked on revised hardpoint classification, weapon size classification, and thruster size classification


  • Working on assets for previously announced ships
  • Working on variations of body armor, UEE and pirate
  • Concept output of Santa Monica office increased
  • Character pipeline picking up steam

CIG Austin    

PU Art Team 

  • Polishing characters for FPS module
  • Terra Prime NPCs being worked on
  • New faces for Social Module
  • Mark Skelton working on art direction for the ArcCorp, Terra, and Nyx landing zones
  • Hundreds of props are being created
  • Animations for props also in-progress
  • Cockpit layouts being standardized
  • Cockpit layout schemes simplified from 17 different layouts to 7

PU Design Team 

  • Mining design being solidified
  • NPC activities for Social Module being worked on
  • Cubby Blast, Astro Armada, and more
  • Thruster calculator being updated
  • First draft of Vanduul language almost ready for first look by Chris

PU Engineering Team

  • Early iteration of Universe Simulator up and running
  • Multiplayer hangar progress coming along
  • Chat and emotes for multiplayer in-progress
  • AI tools for PU in-progress
  • Player persistence is coming


  • Tutorial mode work is ongoing


  • German office now has fiber optic internet
  • Storage expanded (again)
  • New data layouts and storage formats being tested
  • New internal game delivery system deployed

Dev Ops 

  • New launcher work is progressing
  • Improved patching work also underway
  • Working with Google to ensure maximum uptime

Foundry 42 


  • Squadron 42 is making progress
  • Motion capture is high priority
  • Emphasis being placed on realistically-sized props
  • Chris will be in UK to direct performance capture
  • Idris Frigate greybox now has NPCs
  • Tutorial should be released very soon
  • Leaderboard now contains “rating”
  • Holo-table usability being improved


  • New game modes being developed:
  • Tutorial and multiplayer free-flight
  • Squadron 42 mechanics being worked out (saving, respawning, etc.)
  • Conversation system and StoryForge script writing tool coming along nicely
  • Exploring more immersive ways to start conversations than pressing a button   


  • They’re hiring! Specifically looking for people for FPS weapons team   

Environment Team 

  • Shubin Interstellar interior greybox is complete
  • Modular pass on Shubin station

Ship Team 

  • New damage system prototype released
  • Gladius ready for flight
  • Gladiator in-progress for flight
  • Retaliator almost ready for hangar
  • Capital ships are next



  • UI summit helped refine game plan for UI
  • Social module shops populated, maps refined, elevators fixed
  • Whiteboxing for more locations in-progress
  • mobiGlas deep dive article posted
  • Had fun at IDGA Montreal (and The Relay shoutout!)


  • Optimization pass on Terra
  • ArcCorp revisited to merge new shows and polish visuals
  • Nyx paper layout and whitebox finished
  • Dressed the tutorial map
  • Prefab mining system for in-fiction mining company worked on


  • UI summit included invitees from Austin, LA, Denver, and UK
  • Chat UI, contact list, multiplayer hangar UI, pause screen all being worked on
  • Mockups for improved holo-table are in-progress


  • Worked on improving multiplayer experience
  • Added UI for “Invite friend to hangar” process
  • Multiplayer hangar stability greatly improved
  • mobiGlas shopping experience being fine tuned
  • Holo-table now has automatic filtering and sorting



  • Polishing zero-g push/pull system
  • HUD and UI work for FPS is ongoing
  • Working with animation team since mechanics are largely animation-driven


  • Lighting and performance tweaks for PAX East levels
  • Final models for new weapons and gadgets completed
  • Material work for weapons and gadgets is ongoing


  • Hooking up new motion capture rig with new animations
  • 1st and 3rd person perspectives of animations are being ironed out


  • Working on weapon balance and aiming
  • Play-testing FPS levels
  • New game modes and maps for post FPS launch are in-progress


  • New visual effects for grappling device created
  • All other weapon effects polished



  • Fly Now section of website is up
  • Has lead to increase of new backers
  • 10,000 new backers in February alone!
  • Comm Link layout improvement with new version of homepage
  • Exploring better hub for Comm Links, including search   

Community Hub 

  • Aim of new Community Hub is to “a broad sense of how the Star Citizen Community lives and breathes.”


  • REC system almost ready
  • Gear and REC credits will be manageable from My Account section

Orion Minigame 

  • Minigame released
  • Minigame section of website is incoming

What’s Next 

  • Implementation of new designs by Turbulent
  • New Starmap still in progress
  • Priority is user interface experience

Moon Collider 

  • Helping Frankfurt office get up to speed
  • Edinburgh office taking on new staff


  • Brief AI summit in Manchester
  • Looked t ways to improve behavior tree and higher level taste systems
  • Improvements to cover system
  • Worked on streamlining workflow of level design for new areas


  • First version of “Usables” system is in the hands of designers
  • This involves NPCs interacting with objects and the world
  • Working on improving performance of AI code to allow huge numbers of characters
  • Identified bottlenecks and easiest performance gains
  • Optimization is ongoing
  • AI behavior for tutorial is a priority



  • Around the Verse now features footage from multiple studios
  • Sandi Goes to Flight School and Empire Report segments are new
  • UK and Austin will now make select appearances on Reverse the Verse
  • Teaser images are now a part of 10 for the Chairman   
  • Wonderful World of Star Citizen, hosted by Disco Lando, had first episode

Fan Videos 

  • FiendishFeather’s new series Bulkheads looks promising
  • Years1hundred impressed CIG with his Fighter Pilot video


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