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Erris Rates Star Citizen Ships Because! Written Tuesday 12th of January 2016 at 08:30am by Erris

Hello Citizens! Welcome to a list of my most liked and hated Star Citizen Ships! For a long time, I’ve been saying things like ‘The Hornet is my 5th most hated ship’ and the like...

Hello Citizens!

Welcome to a list of my most liked and hated Star Citizen Ships!

For a long time, I’ve been saying things like ‘The Hornet is my 5th most hated ship’ and the like. Because I’m an opinionated person. And I’ve been given a place to say my opinions, and I can’t help myself.

Recently however, someone asked me for my full list of worst and best ships. So I gave that list. But I think it was in a podcast, and got cut. Even more recently, Nehkara, the great Space Pope, said unto me:

‘You write in detail about your 5 favourite and 5 least favourite ships, reasoning etc. I love hearing you talk about how ugly and/or useless a ship is. It’s entertaining :-D’

And I was like… huh. Why not? I can do that! I can write a thing!

So I sat down to think about it for a bit, and this, here, below, is the result. In interest of… I don’t know, something, I’m going to start with my top five ships. The reason each ship is in the position it’s at will be explained in the list.

5. Vanguard

The Vanguard is beautiful. It’s functional. It looks incredibly badass doing just about anything. And the way its wings fold out is pure gold. At the same time, none of those features are what gets it a spot on this list. What really gets it a spot on this list is the history that inspired it; dual tail planes from World War II, specifically the P-38 Lightning.

The history, and the respect that Gurmukh, the designer of the Vanguard put into it, makes this already beautiful ship all that much more impactful. In a Universe filled with beautiful ships, that dual tail is distinctive, the dual engines are beautiful, the folding wings look amazing, and the ability to equip it with torpedoes, a missile turret, and more just… it makes it a damn sexy ship.

4. Avenger

This next ship, the Avenger, is very hard for me to explain why it’s on this list. The first time I saw it, I hated it. Didn’t think it looked good at all. But then over the weeks and weeks that followed, I constantly found myself at the RSI site, looking at the Avenger. Just looking at it. And looking at the Gladius too, and trying to choose between the two. And the Gladius looked better, at first, and was more expensive, and would be better in a fight but… something about the Avenger captured my imagination tremendously. I’m not sure if it’s that it seems to have obvious callbacks back to the American Space Shuttle program, or more recently SNC’s Dream Chaser.

or even that it looks very very much like a space penguin. Or a space whale, as the image below asserts:

I just find myself loving the little ship. I don’t even really know why, I just can’t help it. I love the Avenger.

3. Gladiator

The Gladiator is interesting. Because if you look at it, it looks very very similar to one of my most hated ships. And it’s one of CIG’s earlier designed ships – we’ve known what it was going to look like for a long time. And its similarities to the Hornet are… many. But in the end, it doesn’t matter. The Gladiator is slightly larger than the Hornet, does away with the hard edges on the wings and in some other key areas, and ends up looking… perfect.

The Gladiator is honestly one of my favourite ships not only to look at, but to fly, and to just think about. I really want to go on bombing runs in the ‘Verse, and I can’t wait to see what it can do with the torpedoes that it should end up with.

In the end, I really just love this ship; it looks like a vulture, wingtips flared and angled, ready to destroy its prey. The imagery is beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the damage a wing of Gladiators can do in the ‘Verse.

2. Endeavour

Where do I even start with the Endeavour?

Probably right here… The Endeavour captured my imagination enough that I started writing a fiction series about it, well before the official concept art was even revealed. And that fiction series is still going (periodically). Suffice to say, I love the Endeavour.

I mean, just look at that image up there… the large base, sitting, ready for SCIENCE! While the exploration section heads off in search of ADVENTURE! It’s…

I shiver just thinking about the possibilities that the Endeavour creates for the game. I think way way back to when I first backed for Star Citizen, and the ship that interested me the most was the Freelancer. It wasn’t combat-focused like the rest of the early ships were; it was about living in the ‘Verse, not fighting with it. And I loved that idea. That idea really captured me.

And then CIG unveiled the Reclaimer, and it captured me in the same way. It was the first indication we got that there would be life to the ‘Verse, real life, not just various combat situations. Here was a ship that wasn’t designed to go and blow things up. It was designed solely to clean up after other battles.

I loved the idea.

And then here comes the Endeavour, with even more promise of that life, that feeling that it brings to the ‘Verse. The Endeavour is the greatest example so far in the game that there’s something more. There are other ships that fit in with it as well, the Freelancer, Reclaimer, the Hull series, the Carrack, the Orion and the Crucible, the Genesis, the Starfarer…

There are lots of ships that give hints at all that the ‘Verse will be, all that we’ll be able to do in the ‘Verse, but I truly feel like the Endeavour is the best of them. It’s beautiful, functional, gigantic, useful, it can perform a variety of functions, it’s customizeable…

I love it. I truly love the Endeavour. Hell, I own one. It’s pretty close to my favourite ship.

But it’s not.

1. Freelancer / Reclaimer

And here’s where I get in trouble, because my favourite ship is a tie. It’s a tie between two ships that I just talked about, and just talked about how they captured my imagination, how they spelled out what the game could be. My favourite ship is, without a doubt in my mind, a tie between the Freelancer and the Reclaimer.

For the interest of the article though, I’ll start with talking about the Reclaimer.

Look at it.

Seriously, just look at it. The Reclaimer is, without a doubt in my mind, my favourite-looking ship in the game.

Try to imagine for a second seeing wave after wave of concept art for combat ships; lithe, sleek little things, designed to dart and flit, designed to take hits and dish out punishment. Imagine for a second becoming very, very bored with the combat ships.

Then imagine that piece of concept art right there coming out. Just… LOOK at it. The Reclaimer is massive, a monstrous block of metal and power, designed not to destroy, but to reclaim; to recycle. To walk in after a battle, and clean up, its jaws the last hand to ever touch those lithe little combat ships; its belly their last resting place.

I love the Reclaimer. I love it enough that, yes, I wrote a series about it, a series that got me hired here at The Relay.

Like I said when I talked about the Endeavour, the Reclaimer is the first ship post-Kickstarter that truly captured my imagination. I want one. I want one very badly.

It is, however, the second ship on this ‘favourites’ list that I do not own. I don’t own a Vanguard, because I don’t really need one. I had a Reclaimer at one point though, and I most definitely need one.

But it’s the ship I need the most, and it’s the ship I’ve decided I need to earn for myself in game. The Reclaimer is my goal; my goal in Star Citizen.

And I can’t wait for it.

The Freelancer though…

It’s no longer my favourite looking ship; that’s the Reclaimer. It’s not my favourite ship to fly; that’s the Gladiator right now. It’s not the one I look forward to walking inside most; that’s the Endeavour. It’s not even the ship I’ll probably fly most in the ‘Verse; that’s likely to be either a Herald or a Reliant.

But the Freelancer was my first ship. It’s the ship that, when I looked at the original Kickstarter campaign for Star Citizen, it’s the ship I looked at and said yes, this game has something for me. This told me that I could expect something like, well, Freelancer, out of the game. It told me that I could expect more than just combat and pretty explosions.

The Freelancer is the ship that got me truly started on this whole mad adventure, the ship that got me to join this ridiculous community, to help found this crazy site, this is the ship that really got me to start caring about something again.

And I love it. And I’ll never not love it.

So. There you have it. My top five, six technically I suppose, Star Citizen ships.

And now, for my five least favourite, whose reasons will also be explained for each ship.

5. Hornet

Ack. I feel like a lot of these are going to start with ‘Ack’.

I was able to go into a fair amount of detail about each of the ships I like, because I like them. I will likely struggle to write as much about the ships I dislike, because, well, I dislike them. I hope that makes sense.

So here we are, starting with the Hornet, the Honda Civic of Star Citizen. It’s just so… generic. So ‘look at me, I can do almost everything, but I have no soul’.

Because that ends up being my problem with the Hornet. It’s blocky, has no character, no feeling. It, out of probably all of the ships in the game, feels the most like it’s just a bunch of metal slabs thrown together until they can fly. Lots of the other ships, even lots of the other military ships, like the Gladiator, Gladius, Vanguard, Sabre… they all feel like they have lives, stories; feel like there’s history and planning to their construction.

The Hornet just looks like it tried to be lopsided and failed, and somehow ended up symmetrical. But it doesn’t look like it wants to be symmetrical.

The Hornet’s looks just bother me. Very very much.

4. Crucible

The Crucible is a weird one on this list. Because it’s not that I dislike its role; I love that there’s a repair ship in the game, and I think it’s perfect for it, functionally.

I just hate how it looks. It looks.. weird.

Which part of me knows it has to. It’s probably the best way to do a repair ship for the game, and it looks exactly like a repair ship should, and it’s functional, and well designed, and…

And it looks like a UFO landed on a TIE Bomber and got stuck there. And that’s all I can think of when I see it.

I’m excited for the Crucible, I’m happy it exists, I’m sure I’ll use its services in the game eventually, but I never, ever want to own one. And even when I have to visit one, that visit will be punishment enough for me screwing up and damaging my ship, because augh.

I can’t look at it.

3. Constellation

Aaah, the Connie. How much dislike I have for the Connie. Part of the problem here is that the Connie to me seems incredibly similar to the Hornet. Because the reasons I hate the Connie are virtually identical to the reasons I hate the Hornet. It’s the big-ship equivalent for the ‘I can do everything’ role, and as such seems to suffer from the same lack of life as the Hornet does. It looks, again, like it was designed by throwing things at other things until they stuck on enough to make it fly.

Honestly, for the Connie, I don’t’ really know what else to say. I just… it just looks bad, to me. I know that that’s an unpopular opinion, but I can’t help it.

2. Idris

And now, for the Idris. Because look at that picture there. Look at it, and try to figure out what in the world is going on. Like, the front thing, that looks like a ram, what’s that there for? And then all those side things, what? And the other side things, why? And then there’s the top cabin thing, why’s it floating? That seems like an unnecessarily weak point on the ship. And then there’s a UFO hanging out at the back.

The Idris bothers me because it’s just stuff thrown everywhere, like the Hornet and Constellation, really. It’s just stuff on more stuff on more stuff. Functionally, I’m excited for it, and the look inside that we got during the Morrow tour was beautiful, but looking at the Idris from the outside, I really just want to load up a fleet of Gladiators, hit it with a few hundred torpedoes, and watch as it collapses in on itself.

The Idris is, really, very similar in my mind to both the Connie and the Hornet. They, all three, just have too much going on, and the Idris is the best example of it. It’s supposed to be massive, with an extreme attention to detail, but the design is just too busy to be able to really focus on anything. It suffers the same problems as the Connie and the Hornet, but the size of it, the figureheadedness of it… it just bothers me even more, somehow.

The only good Idris is a smoking Idris.

1. Redeemer

Aaah, the Redeemer. My old nemesis. This is the ship that started this whole list; that started me figuring out which ships I hated most. Because there is no other ship I hate as much as I hate the Redeemer.

It tries to be a helicopter, and ends up as a shopping cart. Seriously. The thing is so top-heavy it looks like a three year old’s sneeze could knock it over. And I’m supposed to believe that this is a good ship to land in a hot-zone and deploy troops out of?

And the viewing angles for its guns are terrible. It’s hardly functional, its bulk makes it look unwieldy, its troops are completely unprotected when they’re disembarking… I just…

The Redeemer is a flying shopping cart, and I can’t stand it. It’s my most hated Star Citizen ship, bar none.

I do kinda like its hair straighteners though. I hope a few more ships have those.

And that’s it! Those are the Star Citizen Ships, the ones I like, hate, want, the works. And I’m sure this list will change, as Star Citizen grows. Its development is a game, a voyage, and the Star Citizen ships that we get to see along the way are an important, and moving, part of that game. Yes, they give CIG money, money they need for the game, but they do so much more.

The ships that CIG show us, they let us see what the game will be about. They let us imagine, let us form our own stories, even if those stories may not play out for years. They give us faith, excitement, joy. They leave us burning with desire.

Unless they’re a Redeemer…

If you have any questions for me, let me know. If you hate my opinions and want to yell at me, feel free! If you’d like to give me your list, do so!

See you all in the ‘Verse!

As long as you’re not in a Redeemer that is…




Erris is Canadian. He does some random things for Relay, no-one really knows what, but still they're stuck with him. He’s also written one Young Adult novel that he can’t stand, which can be found here.

You can find him on Twitter too, if you want.