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DevChat – July 22-23 Written Friday 24th of July 2015 at 12:52pm by Nehkara

Citizens! Welcome to episode two of DevChat! First, a brief explainer. DevChat combs through the RSI chat logs, and picks out any interesting comments made by Devs. It amalgamates them, and puts them here, with...


Welcome to episode two of DevChat!

First, a brief explainer. DevChat combs through the RSI chat logs, and picks out any interesting comments made by Devs. It amalgamates them, and puts them here, with quotes. While I try to provide context to the comments made by Devs here, these comments sometime have a very off-the-cuff nature, and everything here should be taken, maybe not with a grain of salt, but for what it is. Interesting, helpful, though not always 100% official, information.

This episode will cover from July 22nd to July 23rd.

Lets begin!


July 22

Not too much on the 22nd, but I did lose a fair chunk of the logs (Windows automatic restart is the worst thing ever invented). Still, what I managed to salvage had some good information about GamesCom.



From Alyssa, it sounds like there’s a lot of planning going into GamesCom this year. There will be a livestream, and with a 100mb connection, it should be a pretty stable one. It also sounds like they have a whole planned script, and multiple fall-back plans, for if anything goes wrong. Also, it seems like Disco is running the GamesCom livestream, and that there will be a large post on the RSI site with lots of info about GamesCom soon.

(9:15:37 PM) Darth_Alyssa_CIG: Like 12-14 hours a day worth of planning

(9:15:45 PM) Darth_Alyssa_CIG: Yes, there will be a livestream

(9:16:43 PM) Darth_Alyssa_CIG: We have 100mb connection this year so we’re hoping the stream doesn’t suck

(9:17:37 PM) Darth_Alyssa_CIG: My battle plan is an 8 page hourly script and a 7 tab excel doc filled with schedules

(9:21:11 PM) Darth_Alyssa_CIG: NKato, in case something goes wonky, we can choose from the other viable plans depending on what done got broke.



Less important, but still interesting, Matt Sherman says that Saitek and MadCatz’ components have started improving in quality in the last few years. Hints of who might be doing the HOTAS?

(9:25:02 PM) CIG Matt Sherman: Something to consider with Saitek, more because of them being part of MadCatz… MadCatz parts were really bad for years until there was a game (SF4) that really motivated them to produce a top-tier product, so much so that at EVO last weekend, they were the most prominent stick being used over Hori or Razor’s.


July 23


Not as much hard info on the 23rd, but CIG’s Kraiklyn spent… hours… hyping up the upcoming GamesCom presentation. I don’t know about you, but it worked on me. I’m pretty hyped.



First, Disco Lando will be running the GamesCom livestream, and there will be a large post on the main page with further info about the presentation sometime next week, probably.

(12:45:15 AM) CIG Disco Lando: Not at present, I’m running the Gamescom livestream from our presentation on Aug 7th.

(12:48:56 AM) CIG Disco Lando: There will be a big post on the main page with all that info in about a week.

Next, Kraiklyn spends a while hyping up how amazing Gamescom’s presentation will be.

(5:49:53 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: We are working on some pretty “damn awesome” stuff for gamescom. :)

(7:50:30 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: But Gamescom, and I wish I could sit here, and tell you how your minds are going to explode like a supernova, or your brains leak out your ears, because of the sheer damn awesomness we are going to show you, but I can’t. Nope….

(7:53:43 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: GamesCom is going to open the window, and let you gaze into the universe.

(7:55:38 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: I think Gamescom will put a lot of doubts firmly to rest.

(7:56:20 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: This game is happening people, and no matter what people say, what people do….It is not going to stop Star Citizen being made.

(10:07:20 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: I’m buzzed about what we have to show off at GamesCon. :P

(10:07:52 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Want to see all your faces go blank as your minds are blown out the back of your skulls. :D



Turns out, the Phoenix is a very rare ship. 0.8% of the community have one, and it will likely have its own missions in the PU.

(10:38:25 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: The Phoenix is a very rare ship at the moment.

(10:39:14 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Considering only 0.8% of the community has one. Yes.

(10:39:59 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: The Phoenix is also going to be very hard to attain in the PU. Also features it’s own exclusive missions.

(10:40:48 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: I believe the missions are going to focus on armored VIP transport.

(10:41:20 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Phoenix is being completely reworked interior wise.

(10:51:09 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Phoenix does have the capacity to smuggle.

Also, the Connie will likely be in Hangar for AC 2.0, which is not coming out at GamesCom, but which we’ll hear more about at GamesCom.

(7:04:38 PM) ****: So Ben, hate to ask the tough questions right out of the gate, BUT… New Connie in Hangar when? :D

(7:04:57 PM) CIG Ben Lesnick: Probably AC2.0… but you’ll hear more about that at Gamescom :)

(7:08:28 PM) CIG Ben Lesnick: 2.0 is not coming out at Gamescom, I’ll tell you that right now :)

(7:08:42 PM) CIG Ben Lesnick: We don’t build releases around big events – when it’s ready, it’ll go :) BUt Chris will have more info for you then.



Some clarification again about what LTI is. The most basic form of insurance, LTI only covers the base fittings, and the factory hull.

(10:47:22 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: But LTI gets a lot of hype for what it actually is. A minor convenience.

(10:47:41 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Basically, it is the cheapest most basic hull cover.

(10:48:09 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: It pays for the basic fittings, and base factory hull.

(10:48:21 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Any after market mods or content won’t be covered by LTI.

(10:48:40 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Unless you upgrade your insurance plan.


Launcher 2.0

Some interesting information from Will Leverett, that with Launcher 2.0, there are no more ‘patches’, they new launcher will just re-check what files are missing or have changed, and just download those.

(8:16:59 PM) WLeverett.CIG: With Launcher 2.0, there are no patches anymore. :)

(8:18:56 PM) WLeverett.CIG: @Chaos We will have a recheck tool in an update. The older launcher (which we have to use one more time when we push 1.1.5 to Live) is largely third party tech which we could not touch.

(8:19:22 PM) WLeverett.CIG: This one is 100% built in house.



Lastly, a few interesting quotes that don’t necessarily fall into a category on their own.

(10:50:02 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Thing is, in the PU, you don’t strictly need a ship. There will be public transport. We have backers who have said they want to start with nothing and work their way up. Getting jobs on crewing other ships.


(11:43:48 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Skyfaller – It has pretty much been confirmed that if you have say…An Idris, you can close blast doors and fire doors if you need to and seal off parts of the ship to inhibit boarders.

(11:43:53 AM) CIG Kraiklyn: Or open airlocks.


(12:52:01 PM) CIG Matt Sherman: Ballistics have longer range than 300m, the shortest projectiles right now are ~2k, and are already planned to be increasing more when physically based damage rolls out.


(2:44:05 PM) CIG Matt Sherman: Ya, we’re exploring a branded device, though no real details aside from that. But we’re not going to be going the old Steel Battalion route where you’d be forced to buy that device to play the game.



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