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Devchat – January 11th to 14th Written Tuesday 19th of January 2016 at 02:00pm by Dolvak

Hello Citizens! Welcome back to another episode of DevChat, this time covering January 11th to 14th! We have not done one of these in a while, but we decided it’s time to bring it back. First...

Hello Citizens!

Welcome back to another episode of DevChat, this time covering January 11th to 14th!

We have not done one of these in a while, but we decided it’s time to bring it back.

First, a brief explainer. DevChat combs through the RSI chat logs, and picks out any interesting comments made by Devs. It amalgamates them, and puts them here, with quotes. While I try to provide context to the comments made by Devs here, these comments sometimes have a very off-the-cuff nature, and everything here should be taken, maybe not with a grain of salt, but for what it is. Interesting, helpful, though not always 100% official, information.

Remember. Unless it comes in an official CIG Dev Post, or comes straight from Chris Roberts’ mouth, it’s not ‘official’.

That said, here comes DevChat!


By Dolvak

Monday, January 11th

Alien components

The BMM and Scout seem to use standard components like human ships, while Vanduul ships do not.

CIG Matt Sherman (11:33:45): BMM would take same size-class parts as any other ships, so it’d still be possible to refit if needed with non-Banu parts.

CIG Matt Sherman (11:34:52): Right now, the only ships that’s more or less full-custom parts which aren’t interchangable cleanly are for the Vanduul ships. But things like the BMM and Scout all use the same size-standards for their components.

Sabre spec’s

A small update on the Sabre’s progress, clarifying that it has 4 s3 external hardpoints.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:49:08): But overall, Sabre spec’s are mapped out, but more needs our clean up to the Ship Matrix page to really be readable with the new format.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:51:21): @Boogie: Part of what we’re cleaning up with the Ship Matrix is that info. So the Sabre just has 4 S3 external hardpoints.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:51:38): 2 come equipped with gimbaled S2 weapons, 2 come equipped with fixed S3’s.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:51:51): But the base hardpoints all 4 weapons install to are S3.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:52:26): Similar to the Reliant wingtip mounts, each wingtip is a S3 mount, but there’ll be a number of options for what install to those wingtips.

Tuesday, January 12th

Baby throwing and private servers.

We get some talk on the nature of private servers, and also some advice on child rearing.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:53:44): Updated Ship Matrix page is still going to be a little ways out. Locking in the cleaned up some of the formatting/order of information, but it’s definitely in the works.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:00:48): Core game needs to be built first before looking into private server stuff.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:01:07): We need to know what entirely we’ll be offering before we can know what may need to be paired down for private-server operations.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:01:21): It’s not just going to be copy-pasta of the entire PU backend code given out free.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:04:36): It’s not something that will never happen, but more, it’s going to happen when it’s the appropriate time for those things to be added/supported, and not just racing checklist-features out as soon as possible.

Patrick.CIG (13:27:46): CIG does not condone throwing ugly (or otherwise) babies of cliffs (or otherwise)

Patrick.CIG (13:28:06): CIG advises NOT to throw your (or otherwise) babies

Reclaimer lasers and x52 support

Some talk on the capabilities of a Reclaimer and some tidbits on improved x52 keybinds.

CIG Matt Sherman (14:33:31): Eh, as much fun as Rock-em-Sock-em Reclaimers could be, probably won’t happen.

CIG Matt Sherman (14:35:30): Reclaimer is still going to be a legit ship since it can scrap down a broken Connie on its own.

CIG Matt Sherman (14:35:55): Ya, Mining Lasers aren’t going to be tuned for combat in any way.

CIG Disco Lando (23:42:27): The x52 support will get better. Our man Vincent loves his x52, and he’s in charge of the keybinds. =)

Wednesday, January 13th


Clarification on the nature of insurance (It doesn’t matter people!)

CIG Matt Sherman (13:05:48): No, Insurance won’t start until the full PU is running.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:06:05): And even then, it’s planned to be run against a /played value, not just real-time lapse.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:06:39): Ya, so 6mo insurance would equal 4320 hours of played-time.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:07:06): Part of why CR has said the 2-3yr insurance would effectively be a lifetime for most players.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:07:28): Like 3yr insurance would cover ~26,000hrs of playtime.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:08:31): You can’t physically log 3 linear years of playtime into 1 real-time year…

The Relay note: Care to make that a bet Matt?

Component rework

We get some info on the component rework and long term balance changes

CIG Matt Sherman (16:23:10): Right now, a lot of the stats/info on a number of components is out of date since we have a fairly substantial component rework rolling out in the near future.

CIG Matt Sherman (16:23:43): And over the course of 2016 in general, expect to see pretty much every single component/weapon change as the parts of this update slowly roll out.

CIG Matt Sherman (16:24:08): Takes a long time to setup a good, long-term system we can build off.

CIG Matt Sherman (16:24:42): When it’s run through its paces it’ll be great, but in the short-term, I’m definitely expecting some wild balance spikes to happen.

Thursday, January 14th

Submersibles and water landings

No underwater vehicles at launch, but not out of the question for the future. Water landings not written off.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:14:51): For any sort of immediate future, don’t expect anything bigger than the planned Titan suits, and those are somewhere between a Power-Loader from Aliens, and probably an Elemental from Battletech in actual size.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:15:37): Ya, don’t expect building-sized ground units.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:17:53): Years out from the full PU launch, who knows with underwater vehicles, but unlikely to see in terms of something there for what would be the main launch.

CIG Matt Sherman (12:20:05): There’s a difference between something potentially doing a water landing though, and a notion of active submersibles.

CIG Matt Sherman (13:32:09): Holotable is still being worked on, it’s going to be getting an overhaul, just taking the proper time to plan out a good, long-term working system.

Thanks for tuning in for this weeks Devchat! We plan to keep doing these on a weekly basis to keep you all informed.


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