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Arc Security – INN Interview Written Friday 29th of May 2015 at 09:18pm by Erris

Hello Citizens! Check out the first in what we hope to be a series of interviews with organizations. This week, Arc Security! Before we begin, I’d like to note that this is just a text interview. ...

Hello Citizens!

Check out the first in what we hope to be a series of interviews with organizations. This week, Arc Security!

Before we begin, I’d like to note that this is just a text interview.  An audio interview will likely be conducted at a later date.  That said, do you have an Org you think deserves an interview? Let us know! Get in touch through our site, or contact me directly at ErrisThe [email protected]

And now, on to the interview!

This week, we interview Vigil, the leader of Arc Security!

1.Tell us a little about Arc Security – what are its goals, etc…

We started our venture on the 20th of May, 2013 with the intent to deliver a variety of security services throughout the verse. We will always stand by our phrase: “Casually Hardcore”. We enjoy the game in its entirety, striving to experience the fun aspects as much as possible. However, when called on for an operation or contract, we enjoy being serious about our gameplay and the time we dedicate to the org. Over the years, we’ve achieved a variety of our goals; the primary being to lay a strong foundation for the org so that, when Star Citizen launches, we’re ready.

You can find more detailed information about us here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ARCSEC

  1. What role do you see yourselves filling in the Universe?

In two words: security contractors. This has been and will continue to be divided into more specific roles and services as the game develops but we will primarily focus on operations involving other players. I foresee that we will be well-utilized by player orgs and individuals from day 1, based on our long-standing history of orgs reaching out to us already. However, I wish to stress that we will not be patrolling the verse as some kind of ‘police force.’

  1. Have you had any contact with other Orgs, any ‘partnerships’ being worked on?

We actively looked for other organizations to form friendly relations with during the 2013-14 period, to great success. Then, after our talks with S.T.A.R., we adopted a more conservative and focused approach to deciding which organizations we sought relations with and how those relations would work on our end. That is, our external relations are primarily focused on securing business contracts and partnerships which help ensure consistent security work.

At the start of this year, we launched an official Outreach Program to better create a solid network of organizations we hope to interact with, come the launch of the persistent universe. It’s been a great success, with organizations of all sizes prompting us for security agreements/partnerships!

  1. What is the style of gameplay you want to offer to your members?

We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into refining our methods and structures to deliver focused, effective, team-oriented security gameplay. Every member of our org undergoes a level of basic training in areas such as essential formations and comms. From there, individuals can optionally specialize with further training in areas such as advanced flight mechanics, capital ship play, first-person combat, or any other relevant areas that the game facilitates.

However, we don’t only include combat-oriented gameplay. We will also require logistics-minded individuals to provide critical support to our operations. These duties can include personnel transport, supplies (fuel, ammo, equipment, etc), R&D (development of org-standard loadouts, investigation of stats and game mechanics, etc), and administrative support (training, contracting, etc).

As well, any time spent off-contract is for the member’s own enjoyment of the game. We have no interest in dictating how members spend every second in the game and plan to have plenty of non-security related activities for members to participate in, according to their interests.

  1. How would you describe your leadership and leading style?

My ‘style’, if you will, is to be approachable, stern but fair, perceptive and have a focused initiative towards how I lead Arc Security. I value that people are here putting in their time to enjoy a game and ultimately enjoy it with our organization. As long as people respect that fact and have a mature sense towards conserving others ‘time’ in-game as well, then there will be no issue. We’re all here to build something great and my history of leading groups to success will reflect this in Star Citizen. I plan to make sure Arc Security is here to last; I will defend the organization and its dedicated members wholeheartedly.

  1. What kind of players are you looking for in members?

In the end, our focus is highly-effective, team-oriented security solutions in a casual-hardcore environment. This doesn’t mean that prospective members have to be top of the leader boards or willing to subject themselves to hardcore, mil-sim-empire levels of bureaucracy and commitment. However, it does mean that prospective members must be willing to learn and to cooperate in a tight-knit team.

Basically, if you’re interested in security or in supporting security operations within the vast, open world of Star Citizen and are looking to actively involve yourself with a team, there’s a place for you in Arc Security!

  1. What are your views on pirate organizations and those that are counter to your organization’s goals?

SCUM! Haha, but seriously, we relish the fact that Star Citizen offers such a plethora of gameplay paths to wander down and experience. Pirates will ultimately be the bane of our lives when running contracts and operations with clients, however our training program delivers everything a pilot needs to turn the tables on a pirate ambush and, in the end, deal with any aggression shown. We’ve already put systems in place to ensure pirates don’t heavily impact our in-game goals and will continue to expand and adapt as the game develops.

I would also like to state that you will not see Arc Security actively hunt or seek pirates in-game.

  1. What sort of ships should prospective members be familiar with?

Due to the variety of roles one can perform within a ship, all we ask prior to applying to Arc Security is to be accustom to small/mid-range fighter ships. Of course, advanced experience in ships is a bonus. However, regardless of experience or skill, we have a refined basic training program that all recruits undergo during their progression within the organization. It’s made up of four stages and one introduction stage. It’s aim is to acclimate the new recruit to the organization as a whole and refine their flight operations to be more focused on security flight situations. On top of that, we will have further, optional specialization training to help members excel at different parts of the game.

  1. What are you looking forward to in terms of additions to the game?

We’re looking forward to both the more advanced simulation and fleet mechanics as well as the consequences of action within the PU.

For the former, that means mechanics which support the kinds of skill-based, tactical gameplay that our training and structure will target. For instance, advanced swacs, scouting, and C&C mechanics that we can use to keep clients out of harm’s way.

For the latter, we hope the game will have meaningful consequences for losing ships or for dying. Without these kinds of consequences, most players won’t be exposed to enough risk to see the benefit of our services.

  1. How will you charge for ‘protection’ in the PU?

We’ve researched the methods of how similar, real-world businesses conduct their payment structures and policies. Likewise, we’re looking closely at Star Citizen lore and in-game business payment models to ensure we get it right. Of course, as more development is done to the game, we’ll see how payments are made in the universe and tailor our payment methods to that. To speculate, we’ll hopefully charge a minor percentage of the quoted amount up front, as a deposit for the operation. This will help cover the costs of supporting our fleet/ships which are to be involved as well as act as insurance, should the operation fall under on the side of the client (running us into traps, crashing their ship into ours, etc). The remaining percentage will be expected upon completion of the operation. If in-game mechanics can support this model, that’d be brilliant, however we’re ready to be flexible, especially to smaller operations.

  1. Do you have any expectations or hopes for CIG’s matchmaking system? Anything you hope they fit in to help with your goals?

The matchmaking and instancing system they’ve discussed so far sounds really promising. However, in our case, we hope we’re not subjecting our clients to dangerous escorts constantly, as they mentioned the possibility of reputation heavily influencing the matchmaking algorithm. That is, if we’re always attacking or being attacked by specific outlaw groups or orgs rival to our clients, we might end up instanced with those individuals more often as they’d be flagged as having a pre-existing (albeit negative) relationship with us. Hopefully, CIG avoids this since it could lead to unintentional, repeated ganking of certain individuals by certain aggressors but it is the kind of thing we will be looking out for during beta.

Likewise, we hope our security pilots remain within the same instance as our client or that would indeed be very troublesome!

  1. What are your thoughts on game development so far, as a fan, and as an Org leader?

The game’s development has progressed far in such a short space of time, especially this year, and I’m sure they’re holding back a lot more information regarding other game aspects. As an org leader, I can only hope they implement robust management systems for organization leaders, so we can overview the org, manage finances safely, run audits productively, and communicate in the game with ease.

  1. What are your plans for the organization on the run up to Star Citizens release?

We’ve been active since our founding, both within the Star Citizen spectrum and in unrelated areas such as other games. This includes gaming nights hosted two to four times a month, occasional contests and give-aways, regular news posts and meetings, and much more. We have an active forum and a teamspeak server representing international activity times where members and friends can discuss everything Star Citizen or anything else they’re interested in. There are plenty of non-gaming activities for members as well, from multimedia creation to software development.

We’re constantly working to improve the org so that we can hit the ground running once the game launches. For instance, our development team is currently rebuilding our internal and external web services from the ground-up to ensure we have the most professional and engaging web tools of any org in the game. We’re also updating and expanding our basic training program to make the process as useful and smooth as possible for members.

Anyone looking for a community that plans to be active now and past release should definitely check us out!



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